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Boost your Asset monitoring capabilities with novel Acoustic Emission Technology and AI analytics.

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Acoustic Emission (AE), is a highly sensitive technology detecting microscopic mechanical wave generated by developing flaws and faults such as cracks, leaks, friction, electric partial discharge and other. Our solutions based on AE technology and AI analysis are used for 24/7 monitoring of pressure equipment, pipelines, reinforced concrete infrastructure, aerospace structures, and many others.

Ariel Logger is innovative battery-operated and cable free Acoustic Emission Logger, ideal for Structural Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance applications.

Ariel Logger
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Ariel IoT is scalable and versatile Acoustic Emission continuous monitoring system with cloud connectivity and AI powered analytics.

Cloud Analytics: Emma Sensing implements cloud-based, artificial intelligencev- driven data analysis for automated classification of flaws, assessment of their severity and alerts. The AI models are trained on a huge acoustic emission database from real failure cases of metal, composite, concrete and other structures.

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Emma Sensing technology and Ariel systems are applicable for a wide range of industries and applications related to safety, structural integrity, predictive maintenance and more.

Petrochemical, Power and Gas Industries:

Emma Sensing solutions offer real-time flaw detection and monitoring for chemical reactors, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and piping systems. Our Ariel systems enable early damage detection without interrupting equipment operation, providing valuable information for predicting failures and optimizing maintenance.


Structural Health Monitoring (SHM):


Ariel systems are utilized to detect and assess damage in bridges, tunnels, buildings, and other civil structures. By promptly detecting and monitoring concrete cracking, corrosion, and prestressed cable wire breakage, these systems reduce the risks of unforeseen failures in critical infrastructure.

Aerospace Applications:


Emma Sensing provides exclusive solutions for testing and monitoring aerospace structures, including airplanes, composite UAVs, rocket motors, and composite overlapped pressure vessels. Our cutting-edge AI methods enhance the identification and robust classification of failure mechanisms in composite materials and metals, enabling advanced assessment and prediction capabilities.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM):

Ariel Loggers and Ariel IOT systems offer versatile solutions for predictive maintenance of machinery, process monitoring, valve assessment, and identification of conditions that may compromise the safety and reliability of assets.

Emma Sensing Expert Solutions:

Emma Sensing specializes in developing and implementing comprehensive expert solutions with automated analysis and reporting for monitoring electrical power transformers, high-voltage electric towers, wind turbine structures, and more.

Empowering Research and Development

Ariel systems offer researchers unique capabilities for diverse research and development needs. They excel in material property characterization, process monitoring, manufacturing control, and find applications in various medical fields. With their versatility, Emma Sensing Systems are an indispensable tool for advancing research and development endeavors.


Emma’s revolutionary Acoustic Emission monitoring equipment offers unmatched performance and efficiency at a fraction of the cost. Our technological advancements include:

  • Ultra-low power processing units for prolonged battery operation

  • Innovative sensor connectivity for long-range monitoring

  • Patented thin-film piezoelectric sensor, optimized for composites, batteries and biomedical applications.

  • Cloud-based AI analytics for proactive maintenance and timely intervention

Experience the future of monitoring with Emma Sensing and unlock the full potential of your operations.

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