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Ariel product line

Step into the future of Acoustic Emission (AE) monitoring with the Ariel Multi-Functional Versatile System. This groundbreaking solution offers unparalleled capabilities for monitoring structural integrity. With Ariel, you can effortlessly switch between stand-alone surveys and large-scale IoT monitoring, opening up a world of possibilities.   
Sample pricing for a complete kit US $2990

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Ariel Logger
Ariel IoT schema

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GIS-Based App Interface

Supported modes of operation:

  1. Stand-alone Battery-Powered Logger: Ariel serves as a reliable, battery-powered logger for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and field research. It empowers you to gather critical data in remote locations without the need for external power sources.

  2. Real-Time AE Measurement System: Experience the power of real-time insights with Ariel's AE measurement system. Its advanced features provide instant analysis and presentation of AE data on your PC, enabling quick decision-making and proactive maintenance.

  3. IOT Continuous Monitoring: Transform your monitoring approach with Ariel's IoT capabilities. Through a time-synchronized sensor array, you can achieve continuous monitoring of structures, ensuring early detection of potential issues and minimizing downtime.

Additional Features:


  • GIS-Based Installation App with BLE Communication: Simplify the installation process using Ariel's GIS-based installation app, which seamlessly communicates with the system via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Effortlessly configure and deploy the monitoring units with ease.

  • Seamless Data Upload to Cloud Analytics: Harness the power of cloud analytics by effortlessly uploading your AE data to the cloud. Ariel's seamless integration enables advanced analytics, anomaly detection, and in-depth reporting, all at your fingertips.

  • Built-In Accelerometer and Temperature Sensors: Ariel goes beyond AE monitoring. With built-in accelerometer and temperature sensors, it enables the correlation between stress and cracking processes, providing a comprehensive understanding of structural health.

Cloud Analytics

Welcome to Emma Sensing Cloud, your ultimate solution for efficient data management and Big Data analytics in Structural Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance applications. With our cloud-based platform, you can seamlessly stream all sensor measurements to the cloud, while leveraging the power of ESRI ArcGIS and 3D CAD drawings to map sensors to physical assets.
Advanced ElasticSearch database empowers you with cutting-edge search, visualization, and analytics capabilities. Integrated tools like Kibana provide a user-friendly interface to explore and analyze your data. Accessing the data is made effortless through our Restful API, allowing seamless integration with external applications and research tools.
To cater to your specific needs, Emma Sensing designs dedicated dashboards for each continuous monitoring project. These custom dashboards provide a visual representation of your data and allow you to configure thresholds for specific alerts, ensuring timely notifications and proactive actions.

Leveraging cloud analytics, our platform enables you to analyze data over time, detecting trends, anomalies, and classifying events. Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to optimize maintenance strategies and ensure the integrity of your assets.
Rest assured, Emma Cloud is hosted on a secure AWS platform, providing a reliable and robust infrastructure. Additionally, our application can be easily installed in any private cloud environment, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with your existing systems.
Experience the power of cloud-based data management and analytics with Emma Sensing Cloud. Unlock the potential of your data and take control of your monitoring and maintenance processes like never before.

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