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Acoustic Emission (AE)

is a highly sensitive nondestructive testing method. By detecting and analyzing high-frequency ultrasonic waves generated by developing cracks or other sources like electric discharge and friction, AE sensing allows for early detection and characterization of flows. With its wide range of applications in predictive maintenance and research, AE sensing is a powerful tool for enhancing safety and reliability. Explore our services and solutions to unlock the potential of AE sensing.

Acoustic Emission (AE)

At Emma Sensing, we are driven by technological innovation, enabling us to produce a revolutionary Acoustic measurement equipment that offers unmatched performance at a fraction of the cost. Our technological advancements include:

  1. Ultra-Low Power Analog and Digital Edge Processing: Energy efficiency is paramount, particularly for battery-powered devices. Our state-of-the-art processing units prioritize optimal performance while conserving power.

  2. New Architecture for Connecting Sensors: We have designed a groundbreaking architecture that revolutionizes sensor connectivity. This innovative approach allows for long-distance sensor placement, synchronization, and seamless data transmission to cloud servers.

  3. Novel Thin-Film Piezoelectric Sensor: Our patent pending thin-film piezoelectric sensors represent a significant breakthrough in Acoustic measurement technology. These sensors are specifically optimized for surface wave detection in various materials, including metal and composite sheets, batteries, electronics, and biomedical applications. Experience precise and reliable measurements for a wide range of scenarios.

  4. Cloud AI Analytics: Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, our cloud-based AI analytics system is a game-changer. Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, we classify events and generate intelligent alerts. Swift identification of potential issues enables proactive maintenance and timely interventions, improving overall efficiency and minimizing downtime.

    Our passion is to empower customers with advanced Acoustic measurement capabilities.

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