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About Us

Emma Sensing is a pioneering startup dedicated to developing advanced Acoustic Emission sensing solutions and AI analytics for Predictive Maintenance PdM and Structural Health Monitoring SHM. Our vision is to revolutionize maintenance practices across industries by providing innovative monitoring and analysis tools that can predict and prevent failures.

Acoustic Emission is a powerful ultrasonic sensing technology that enables the prediction of material deterioration and structural failure. It holds tremendous potential across a wide range of fields, including Materials Research, Structural Health Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, and the rapidly evolving Industry 4.0.

At Emma Sensing, we have developed groundbreaking products for Acoustic Emission monitoring that are scalable, cost-effective, and user-friendly.

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We firmly believe that Acoustic Emission sensing is poised for rapid evolution, much like Video and Accelerometers that were transformed by CMOS and MEMS.

The advent of small form factor Acoustic Emission sensing elements, low power Edge processing for event detection, and data compression opens up a myriad of new applications. With our expertise and passion, we are committed to leading this technological progress in collaboration with partners in the research institutes and industry.



25 year experience in management and marketing of over 400 projects for Motorola, RAD group, Elbit systems, Apple, Intel, TI, ST, GE Medical and many others. Ishay is an expert in electronic design and has a track record of over 25M$ sales.

Ishay Kokavka


Dr Boris Muravin

Dr Boris Muravin

Chief Scientist

World expert is in the field of Acoustic Emission, Non-Destructive Testing, Structural Health Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance. and fracture mechanics with over 30 years of extensive experience in hundreds of projects Worldwide.

David Solomon

David Solomon


Serial Entrepreneur and technology leader. Profound expertise in vibration sensors design, signal processing, data analytics, AI, IOT. Founder of Aquarius Spectrum

Dr Natan Zomer

Dr Natan Zomer

Seed Investor

Dr. Nathan Zommer Chairman of the Board. 

Co-founder of Emma and seed investor.               

Founder of IXYS Corp.   

Chairman of Shaaron LLC USA

Past BOD member of Littelfuse Inc.

Dr Koby Yahav

Dr Koby Yahav

Advisory Bord

Business development electric Utility space. Former head of Electrical Network,and Smart Grid in IEC


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We invite researchers and industry professionals to join us on this exciting journey.

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